La VILLA, sexy...funky...& purple ! sounds like Ibiza, Miami or Paris but it's right here in Mauritius....

introducing the first REAL groovy chic bar club canteen on the island...LA VILLA BAR CLUB CANTEEN,

This is your chance, Mauritius, to finally have the sexy nightlife you deserve...

so revamp!

Vibrating on some tasteful music of sexy soulful funky disco house, LA VILLA keeps fresh with monthly DJ’s

So slide on the purple wave and appreciate the unique hip french design envisioned by Ludovic Pettit

A purple, black and grey terrace leading on to a garden,

illuminated by funky balls of lights at night

LA VILLA welcomes all the true music, art and tasty lifestyle lovers

Roger Erhart, is the freshly appetizing man imported

from France to manage the bar

To make it even tastier, LA VILLA serves refined but simple food at noon and during the night concocted by french Chef Jean Michel Sempé

LA VILLA, you new purple house!